ENIDE prepared the communication for the H2020 Inframix and Clusters 2.0 projects that were presented during the Transport Research Arena 2018 (TRA) Conference from 16th to 19th April at Vienna, Austria with a successful result.


TRA 2018 was hosted and organized by the Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology as chair of the Management Committee, together with the Austrian Institute for Technology as chair of the Programme Committee and AustriaTech as chair of the Organising Committee. The conference has been co-organised by the European Commission and supported by CEDR and the European Technology Platforms ERTRAC, ERRAC, WATERBORNE and ALICE, ETRA, ECTP, and ACARE.

In the keynote, Mr. Gerd Leonhard, Author and CEO of The Futures Agency, talked at the opening session about the importance of new technologies and the role of humans in the digital world of mobility. This futurist catalogued by Wired Magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in Europe (2015), has presented at more than 1700 events in 60+ countries since 2004 to Google, Sony, WWF, Siemens and many others.

“To meet the future transportation needs of urban centers, we need to organize the transport of people and goods more smartly, efficiently and sustainably. Networking, robotization and artificial intelligence can all contribute significantly.”, Mr. Leonhard mentioned.

David Quesada and CORE at the ALICE booth, TRA2018

David Quesada and CORE at the ALICE booth, TRA2018

Dr Amditis during the INFRAMIX presentation at TRA2018

The EU sponsored R&D project FP7 “CORE” (Consistently Optimized REsilient Secure Global Supply Chains) were present at the ALICE stand. ENIDE team gave support to the to answer questions about the project. CORE has demonstrated how a powerful and innovative Consistently Optimised REsilient ecosystem implementation, integrating interoperability, security, resilience and real-time optimisation can produce cost effective, fast and robust solutions that guarantee the efficient and secure transit of goods through the worldwide Global Supply Chain system.

Day 1


On Monday, April 16, 2018, INFRAMIX (H2020 project, funded by the EC – more information here) was presented during the session “Connected and Automated Transport – Automated transport: enabling methods and technologies” which addressed topics such as automated driving, digitization, and innovations in infrastructure. It was presented under the title “Advances in Road Infrastructure, both physical and digital, for mixed vehicle traffic flows”. For more information, you can download the presentation here.

Day 2

On Tuesday, 17/04, the INFRAMIX project coordinator Mr. Martin Dirnwöber from AustriaTech, participated in the session “Managing the Transition Towards Higher Automation” and presented important aspects of INFRAMIX with regard to automated driving and digital infrastructure.

David Quesada during the Cluster 2.0 presentation at ALICE booth in TRA2018


The speaker David Quesada presented the ambition of Clusters 2.0 (H2020 project, funded by the EC – futher information here) to advance in collaborative logistics at all levels. During the session, the solutions of the project i.e. were presented:

Solutions of the Clusters 2.0 project

The project was exhibited at the ALICE booth with a successful result. The speakers David Quesada and Francesc Rosinés also explained the living labs: Innovative Cluster Handling Technology (Developing intermodal connections with New Modular Logistics Units (NMLU) prototypes, new transhipment and handling technologies), Symbiotic Network of Logistics Clusters and Proximity Terminal Network & Clusters.

The Clusters 2.0 participation at ALICE stand included a project poster and a video to presented our activities. Finally, a general leaflet regarding the Clusters 2.0 project and specially designed for the TRA Conference was available at several spots of the event (You can download here). Also, the Newsletter #1 of the project was distributed that included an interview with Marcel Huschebeck, coordinator of the Clusters 2.0, from PTV Group.