ENIDE at INFRAMIX testing days

Enide participated in INFRAMIX testing days near Girona, Spain on 12-15 September 2019.

What are the INFRAMIX testing days?

The INFRAMIX tests were carried out on the AP-7 toll road in Girona, Spain on 12-15 September. All three INFRAMIX scenarios were evaluated:

  • dynamic lane assignment,
  • roadwork zones
  • bottlenecks. 

INFRAMIX is a European R&D project getting road infrastructures ready to support the coexistence of conventional and automated vehicles. Its main aim is to design, upgrade, adapt and test toll road models able to handle the transition period and become the basis for future automated transport systems.  

The cooperative communication between infrastructure and vehicles (I2V)  was evaluated through three different channels:

  • road signs, such as the new dedicated lane one. This communication complements the traditional one made up of speed limits, directions and so on.
  • Onboard Units (OBU) and Road Side Unit (RSU), using C-ITS-G5. Communication takes place whenever an OBU – being an integrated navigation device or a laptop as during the testing days – reaches the range of an RSU or C-ITS station sharing data such as speed recommendation or lane change advice.
  • app, using 4G communication. Limits and obligations applying to the Ap7 highway were shown on the testing devices, as well as recommendation to enhance the traffic management, such as speed recommendation or lane change advice.

At the end of every test, participants were asked to fill some questionnaires in order to elabrate on their experience. The goal of this activity was to collect some feedback from users in order to grasp their acceptance of new technologies and traffic management measures. The results of this inquiry will inform the following deliverables of the project.

The testing days site had a remarkable resound in the local, regional and national press. Lots of journalists took part as users in the testing rounds, which were also shown on tv news thoughout Spain. We also welcomed the Catalonian minister of Digital Policies and Public Administration Jordi Puignero on the second day of our test. He participated in the test of the dedicated lane to autonomous vehicles.

How did ENIDE participate?

ENIDE leads INFRAMIX communication strategies and disseminates the project advances, expected impact and results to the expert communities, the industry and the general public. ENIDE supported the organisation of local workshops at the Spanish test site.

Relive the INFRAMIX testing days in Spain on our project YouTube channel

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