ENIDE at ESRIUM launch event

Enide participated in ESRIUM kick-off meeting and virtual launch event on 9th December 2020.

What is ESRIUM?

ESRIUM is a R&D project funded by the European GNSS Agency under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. Its name stands for “EGNSS-enabled Smart Road Infrastructure Usage and Maintenance for increased energy efficiency and safety on European road networks”. 

The overall objective of ESRIUM is to foster safer and more efficient roads towards a smarter, safer, greener transport system through an ENGSS-based digital map. The imbalanced usage of the road surface contributes to its degradation, leading to safety risks especially for connected and automated vehicles. The problem becomes even worse with harsh weather conditions. ESRIUM solution consists in an EGNSS-based digital map of road damages and safety risks that will allow for route adjustments through I2V communication free of charge. These recommendations will lead connected and automated vehicle drivers and fleet operators to a more balanced use of the road surface and to a longer lifetime of the road infrastructure.

ESRIUM diverse consortium gathers 9 partners from ESRIUM from 5 European countries (Austria, Finland, Italy, Hungary, Spain) that combine technical expertise in the fields of EGNSS localization, mobile mapping, autonomous driving and I2V communication with knowledge from road operators and logistics providers. 

What is ENIDE role in ESRIUM?

In ESRIUM, ENIDE provides the communication and dissemination strategy and tools allowing the project to effectively engage stakeholders, demonstrating the results of the project. Additionally, ENIDE will contribute to the business approach definition, support market analysis and further business development, as well as exploitation and innovation activities in order to facilitate the adoption of the project’s results.

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