ENIDE at 5G-ROUTES launch event

ENIDE participated in 5G-ROUTES kick-off meeting and virtual launch event on 18-19 September 2020.

What is 5G-ROUTES?

5G-ROUTES is a R&D project funded by the European Commission under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. Its name stands for “5th Generation connected and automated mobility cross-border EU trials”. 

5G-ROUTES is a 5G-PPP Phase 3 project whose aim is to validate through robust evidence the latest 5G features and 3GPP specifications of Connected and Automated Mobility (CAM) under realistic conditions. In particular, it will conduct advanced large-scale field trials of most representative CAM applications to demonstrate seamless functionality across a prominent 5G cross-border corridor (Via Baltica-North), traversing Latvia, Estonia and Finland.

This will help to boost confidence and accelerate the deployment of 5G-based interoperable CAM ecosystems and services throughout Europe. It also aims at validating 5G as a true enabler of innovative CAM services that cannot be realised by today’s technology. 

5G-ROUTES diverse consortium gathers 22 partners from ESRIUM from 9 European countries that will work together for 3 years. Most partners participate in 30 out of 63 5G-PPP projects and in several 5G-PPP Working Groups.

What is ENIDE role in 5G-ROUTES?

In 5G-ROUTES ENIDE will be involved in the requirements analysis, use cases and preparation for CAM trials. In particular, ENIDE will put at the consortium’s disposal its expertise as IT developers by collecting both business and technical requirements, which will further define the different uses cases and support the development of technological enablers for the foreseen CAM trials. ENIDE will also support from a technical perspective all the use cases. However, it will have a major involvement in use cases related to its expertise and background in IT applied to Connected Maintenance and Goods tracking in Multi-modal Logistics.

Also, in Large-scale cross-border CAM field trials, ENIDE will support the rest of the partners in the planning, use case set up and operational management. ENIDE will also play a major role in large-scale crossborder field trials execution. More concretely, ENIDE will contribute to Connected maintenance and Goods tracking visibility in multimodal cross border logistics. 

Under WP5 Commercialisation, Innovation management and standardisation, ENIDE will take part in the innovation, data management and IPR activities well as the business approach and business plan definition by exploiting input from end users which will validate the commercialisation potential of the related use cases. ENIDE will have a major role in impact assessment and cost/benefit analysis.

Finally, ENIDE will lead Quality Assurance and Risk Management designing and implementing the quality assurance procedures. 

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