HARMONY H2020 Final Event by Enide

After 45 months of hard work, the HARMONY H2020 project reached its goal and presented all the results and findings during the final conference “Next Generation of Transport Planning Toolsat Casa Convalescencia in Barcelona on 24 February. The conference was attended by over 100 people and featured 10 panels and presentations about Sustainable Urban Mobility: Data-based decisions for transport planning, Transition to sustainable mobility, etc.

The conference was organised by ENIDE in collaboration with the HARMONY H2020 consortium: University College of LondonAirbus, Aimsun, Delft University of Technology, Oxfordshire City CouncilTRT Trasporti e Territorio, City of Rotterdam, and others.

ENIDE Solutions Team

The HARMONY Project

The HARMONY H2020 project is an EU-funded initiative aimed at developing innovative and sustainable solutions for the management of urban areas. Harmony’s vision is to enable metropolitan area authorities to lead a sustainable transition to a low-carbon new mobility era by developing a Model Suite (MS) which harmonises spatial and multimodal transport planning models allowing HARMONY MS users to comprehensively model the dynamicity of the changing transport sector and spatial organisation in urban and regional areas

It also cooperates with CIVITAS, a network of European cities committed to testing and implementing urban transport solutions for a more sustainable mobility.

The final conference

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During the conference, representatives from more than 86 companies, including public administrations and universities, were in attendance to hear the latest updates on the HARMONY project. 

Attendees were able to learn first-hand from worldwide experts how to tackle urban challenges and ensure a variety of sustainable transport solutions for the safer, healthier and more fluid passage of people and goods. 


Poster session

One of the highlights of the conference was the poster session, where nine EU-funded projects related to the HARMONY h2020 project were presented. The poster session provided an opportunity for attendees to learn about other innovative projects and initiatives related to urban sustainability, mobility innovation and the future of the industry in Europe. 

The Poster Session during the conference was a vibrant and exciting event, with several EU-funded projects taking part. The projects include AWARDSpineESRIUMGAMMS, 5G RoutesMove2CCAM, SELFYFrontier, and Tangent. Each project had a poster display showcasing their research findings and innovative solutions. Participants had the opportunity to engage with project teams and learn more about their work. 

Final training

During 2022, HARMONY MS training European tour scored highly in London, Delft and Athens, where it was very well received and well attended by the participants of the three universities where it was held: UCL, Delft University of Technology and the National Technical University of Athens respectively.

As part of the final event, HARMONY took the training to the International University of Catalonia (UIC), where the attendees learned about Harmony´s disruptive solutions to improve citizens’ well-being and achieve environmental targets: HARMONY Model Suite (HARMONY MS), a platform that brings together transport and spatial planning tools, people and freight activity-based models, network models and land-use models.

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