ENIDE celebrates its 11th anniversary

Enide is celebrating its birthday, and we want to share it with you by telling you a little bit more about us, the team and what motivates us to work hard in the development of the projects we are proud to be a part of.

We owe you the anniversary photo with the complete team. We are committed to it!

Decades of combined experience

ENIDE was founded in spring 2011 by Francesc Rosines and David Quesada, former high-level members of the Research division of Atos Origin, having a large expertise and experience in EU research projects, as well as its application to economic sectors worldwide.

The company gathers the expertise on the creation of innovation for the industry, particularly transport, logistics, supply chain, manufacturing and agri-food, combining more than 30 years of experience in managing and performing highly technological and complex projects, including the European R&D arena.

For the past few years, ENIDE has focused on digitalization, business innovation, and knowledge transfer, with the vision of advancing sustainable mobility, logistics, and vehicles. This has also allowed the company to strengthen its ties with different clusters at a national and European level.

Our company is growing and so does our team

Our company has been extremely fortunate and have grown despite the latest events in Europe (Pandemic, War in Ukraine, high inflations). We have numerous fresh projects in our portfolio, and we have a lot of promising leads for upcoming months.

In order to help with all the new projects we are working on, we have also expanded our team. We welcomed Vesna Boskovic and Luisa Gonzales as our marketing, communication, and dissemination specialists throughout the year.

Their expertise in marketing, social media, and their endearing attitude intrigued us, and they haven’t let us down. Both of them have played a crucial role in advancing the company’s communication and dissemination (C&D) strategy as well as other projects where ENIDE is in charge of the C&D work through their expertise and knowledge of best practices.

We knew we needed assistance in innovation management because we had so many new projects to manage. Because of this, we hired Isabella Castillo as an innovation manager in September 2022. After graduating from university, Isabella joined our team as a trainee. We fall in love with her devotion, and sense of duty so greatly that we couldn’t let her go. She is already providing us her fresh perspective on things, and she is certainly going to fit right in with our culture of delivering quality services!

Our family is expanding, and with it, our knowledge and expertise. We routinely hold each other responsible for keeping up with all the most recent trends in our industry. Every week, we meet together to discuss projects’ progress, our findings and make plans for how to use them to best assist our partners.

During these years, we have confirmed our initial vision, technology is challenging when dealing with innovation, but a smart stakeholder approach is fundamental for success

David Quesada

Technical Director, ENIDE

Diversity is in our blood and it makes us powerful

From Mongolia all the way to Europe and Latin America, throughout the years ENIDE has managed to assemble a team of experts that provides the knowledge, technique and strategy to carry out the company’s participation in various national, European (e.g., H2020 and Erasmus+) and international projects.

Having participated in multiple European, national research and innovation projects, we offer a large experience in research, development and innovation with specific focus on mobility and logistics. 

Our team brings technical competencies and expertise in cutting-edge ICT technologies and their integration: such as Cloud, IoT, Blockchain, Big data as well business innovation services such as business intelligence, market analysis and business model development, dissemination and communication, exploitation and transferability of innovation results.

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