Enide at CASCADE Project

Enide joined the Erasmus+ project  CASCADE Creating Awareness and Skills for Circular Approaches in the Digital Economy. The project aims to offer an innovative VET approach for companies in the digital economy to develop projects for digitally supporting circular economy.

The company team brings expertise in cutting edge ICT technologies such as Cloud, IoT and IoServices, Business Intelligence, and their integration, in addition to market communication; transferability of innovation results; and business approach.

What is CASCADE?

Cascade is a project Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. Circular Economy (CE) offers a positive, innovative and business-oriented concept that offers ecologic, social and economic benefits. While sustainability is mostly a political topic, circular economy addresses the need for innovation, within CASCADE’s target group: digital service companies (SMEs).

The core objective is to empower digital service companies (SMEs) to develop IT-enabled innovative circular economy (CE) solutions as projects, including platform business models, sharing economy/collab consumption, product-asa-service, in b2c but also b2b.

A 10-week digital circular project incubator training program for digital service companies (SMEs) will be developed that targets the full life cycle of innovative circular projects and how to develop a circular project from cradle-to-cradle principles.

The kick Off of the project

On April 20th, 2022, CASCADE’s Consortium met online for the first kick Off of the project, where the partners presented their proposals, ideas, and most important details to begin. The official Kick Off took place at Graz, Austria, the past 26th and 27th of May. 

The rol of ENIDE at CASCADE

ENIDE is an active participating on Technology Platforms as well as SME associations, offering its expertise to contribute to the advanced digitalization of several industrial and knowledge sectors.

Our technical outcome, based on its experience developing digital solutions such as webapps or marketplaces for the Industry (SMEs), is a fully develop digital environment for the CASCADE project. The digital environment will help SMEs to cope with the arising sustainability and innovation challenges by bringing all the knowledge needed to formulate successful projects within the Circular Economy spectrum.

This challenge has three main components: 

Visual identity:  CASCADE will frame circular economy as a modern innovative topic, with high quality content and each module designed by the consortium experts. 

Project Website: Will be used to inform on the progress of CASCADE. The website will be turned into a digital environment aimed at maximum compatibility to other platforms and systems.

An interactive map: this development help to find cooperative partners – based on their offered services, as a partner in a cooperative project, expertise provider on the different project life-cycle stages, etc.

Eight partners from seven European countries make up the Cascade consortium, bringing their expertise and experience to the table. Bit Management, Impact Hub Lisbon, AVO, EcoRes, Thinking Circular®, LOMARTOV, Impact Hub Bucharest and Enide are joining efforts to achieve the main goal. 

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