ENIDE presented Team Aware at VRISE 2022 Workshop

As partner of the project, Enide presented TeamAware last July 07th as part of the TC17-VRISE 2022 workshop International IMEKO, TC17 special Session on Management of Risky Interventions and Environmental Surveillance, at the International CBRNE Institute in Belgium.

Enide shared with scientific and industry members, the advances and contributions of TeamAware project, which aims to provide first responders with advanced technology to enhance their safety and performance.

What is VRISE 2022 Workshop?

An International workshop on Measurement and Control of Robotics, focusing among others on virtual reality, risky interventions and environmental surveillance.

It has gathered high quality original contributions with the final goal of assessing the most recent developments in this utmost domain of science and technology.

The Session scope covers a broad spectrum ranging from advanced conceptual and virtual design and methodology, sensors, actuators, instrumentation, and real-time control algorithms to innovative robotics, mobile (ground/aerial/undersea) robotics, personal and collective protection, multilevel rescue operations and management applications.

Why did ENIDE participate?

Vicent Pastor, Head of Corporate Development at Enide, presented TeamAware to Knowledge centres, Security experts, as well as tech and robotics experts. 

In this opportunity, Enide presented a demo of the Mobile user Interface (MI)

In TeamAware, ENIDE will develop a prototype for Mobile user Interface (MI) of TeamAware common situational awareness picture. This mobile application will provide the necessary means to allow the team to interact with the system, as well as access to the required essential information for the teams under extreme conditions (stress, visibility, accessibility, speed, etc.).

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TeamAware's envisaged mobile interface demonstration at VRISE 2022 workshop by @ENIDESolutions

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