ENIDE has arrived at InPercept

Enide joined  INPERCEPT Project: Intelligent Perception for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles. The collaborative project, funded by CDTI under the Sustainable Automotive Technology Programme (PTAS), involves leading companies in the automotive and mobility sector: Ficosa, Datik, Hi Iberia, Nommon, Nextium, Orim and Capgemini Engineering. In this project, Enide joins as a third party of the consortium.

What is InPercept?

The main objective of the INPERCEPT (Intelligent Perception for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles) project is to advance the development of key enabling technologies that provide enhanced capabilities for the autonomous vehicle to operate more energy efficiently and safely, and to be able to detect obstacles and adverse conditions. 

To achieve this objective, the following specific objectives have been defined:

  • To develop new external perception systems that increase the performance and reliability of traffic condition detection.
  • To develop an interior perception system to monitor the driver and passengers.
  • Develop advanced positioning and connectivity technologies to enable cooperative perception and driving.
  • Develop new AI-based algorithms for situation identification and real-time decision-making.
  • Develop advanced data management and driver assistance systems (ADAS) for the improvement of vehicle and passenger safety, with a special focus on the most vulnerable road users.
  • Demonstrate the positive impact of project developments through a variety of use cases including smart cities and fleet management studies.

The rol of ENIDE at InPercept

ENIDE’s experience in R&D management, prototype development and/or the launch of digital products in Mobility and Transport, contributes to reinforce ORIM’s knowledge in R&D management and calculation of the socio-economic impact of the results of the InPercept project, through ENIDE’s experience in research and development of state-of-the-art digital solutions in Autonomous and Connected Driving.

The company’s participation will be related to the technical support in the refining of use cases, as well as in the valorisation and/or analytics of ADAS functions in the areas related to vehicle autonomy, safety and cybersecurity. In this sense, ENIDE brings to the consortium its role as ICT expert in different VAC use cases in the framework of leading European initiatives such as the INFRAMIX project, the 5G Routes consortium or the AWARD initiative (see the experience of the entity for more details of each of these leading partnerships in Autonomous and Connected Mobility).

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