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Prior to Go Mobility 2022, Enide attended the Wake Up Post-Pandemic Cluster Meeting.

The event was held at the Science and Technology Park of Gipuzkoa, hosted by In Move – the mobility cluster of RailGroup together with TECNALIA and CAF.

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What is Wake-Up Post Pandemic?

In-Move by Railgroup as an active agent of the industry observes and creates opportunities and scenarios for improving competitiveness and is therefore the ideal space for all kinds of initiatives in the sector.

After two difficult years, the mobility industry has taken giant steps, demonstrating that in adverse times, human ingenuity sharpens and new developments, alliances and achievements emerge to make people’s lives easier.

Public and private representatives from the mobility sector came together to showcase and discuss the many innovations that the sector has made and launched in recent times.

Why did ENIDE participate?

Vicent Pastor, Head of Corporate Development, represented Enide at the meeting, as well as strengthened corporate relationships with the industry at the European level.

Enide actively participates in the In-Move Cluster. Thanks to its activities within the mobility sector projects in Spain and Europe, it is able to connect with different actors in the industry and contribute all the experience that, for more than 10 years, has consolidated the company as a benchmark in the field.

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