10 years enhancing mobility

This year marks a special occasion for ENIDE, as we reached our 10th anniversary. In the framework of this milestone, we want to celebrate our international team and the impact we achieved through a great number of innovation projects enhancing mobility.

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ENIDE is an SME providing business technological innovation to sustainable mobility, logistics and smart technologies. We are based in Barcelona, one of the first smart cities in Europe. We work on business innovation and digital solutions to meet the challenges of sustainability. Applying advanced technology to R&D projects, our highly skilled team offers a rich combination of technical knowledge, project management capabilities and practical experience. We drive success from end to end.  

Our vision

Sustainable mobility

Covering both urban mobility in cities and long-distance travel, we design new approaches and technologies to help people make journeys that are smart, safe and sustainable. All in a seamless way.

Sustainable logistics

By using data and technology, we improve efficiency in the supply chain, thanks to our experience collaborating with all key stakeholders. 

Future vehicle

Our areas of expertise include the needs, challenges and opportunities of future generations of vehicles – particularly focusing on automated, connected and electric vehicles. 

Our expertise

We have decades of collective experience creating solutions that help you solve your most urgent business challenges in the mobility, automotive and logistics sectors. Applying advanced technology, our highly skilled team offers a rich combination of technical knowledge, project management capabilities and practical experience to drive success from end to end.


We specialize in the latest trends and solutions including mobile apps, Big Data, Privacy by Design, Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing. 

Business innovation

From the inception of a new idea to bringing it to market, we drive innovation by applying a “design thinking” approach.

Knowledge transfer

We share technical knowledge with different audiences to build up successful collaborations and to enhance the future of mobility. 

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Interested in working with us?

Expect a creative yet reliable approach when working with us. We develop a deep understanding of your challenges, focusing on the goal we share with you: to deliver the best solutions for your customers.

We are always on the lookout for new talent to join our growing team from our office in Barcelona or remotely. Why don’t you send us your CV?